About Us

With an experienced and expert team on woman health and infertility, Ferti-Jin Woman Health and Assisted Reproduction Techniques Center is a modern organization which provides the most advanced health technology and applications to be used with safety.

Ferti-Jin adheres to the principle of informing the patients at every step of their treatments and hence helping them to feel safe. Ferti-Jin is aiming to popularize the preventive medicine, to help the formation of woman health consciousness at early ages and to support families in every aspect especially in cases of infertility and recurring miscarriages in order to make their wishes come true.

Under these principles and missions the services provided by our center are:

Infertility diagnosis and treatment
Application of assisted reproduction techniques
IVF in-vitro fertilization
ICSI micro injection
TESE sperm extraction from testis by biopsy
Laser assisted hatching
Adjacent blastocyst transfer
Embryo cryopreservationPGD
Recurring miscarriage diagnosis and treatment
Immunologic treatment (PLI)
Laparascopy – Hysterescopy